Art in Australia

In 2015 I was priviliged to spend eight months driving more that 21,000 miles right around Australia in a campervan. In addition to a few photographs and the odd piece of writing, I tried to caprture a flavour of that diverse country in art. The pieces do not pretend to be masterpieces, it is enough that they are what they are and that I enjoyed creating them at different camp sites along the way. With two exceptions thay are all in acrylic medium and the first four are on 18 inch by 12 inch board. The remainder are on smaller canvases. Much of the work is in the style of Aboriginal art which thrives in Australia. I visited many art galleries during the journey and some of the best work by indigenous people is truly stunning.

. 06 Bungle Bungles 2

Beehives of the Bungle Bungle Range: in the Kimberley region.

08 Earth blanket

Earth Blanket: inspired by grit, debris and leaf litter on a ground sheet.

07 Desert Earth 1

Desert Earth: symbols and shapes that appeared abstractedly and haphazardly

05 By the River Bank

Down by the River Bank: shapes and colours from rivers that are mostly without water

01 Two rivers

Two Rivers and a Bridge

02 Horizontal falls

Horizintal Falls

04 Head of Bight

Head of Bight

11 River turtle hiding

River Turtle Hiding

12 Gecko

Gecko in the sand

13 Ningaloo Reef fish

Ningaloo Reef Fish

09 Golden Orb Spider

Golden Orb Spider

10 Tracks in sand

Crab Tracks on the Beach

15 Around the Track

All Around the Track

14 Lost City

On the Road to Borroloola