Coronavirus- a short poem

In Sickness and in Death


It slid silently out of Wuhan

Unseen at first, unheard of-

What was that again?

A virus you say- Huh!

Chinese whispers


But not for long

News of it swept around the world

The sickness that is Covid-19

And people started dying,

In their thousands…


No country left untouched

No journey uninterrupted

No-one left unaffected

I hear some people in town have got it

But never mind, it won’t happen to me








What will be the end?

That, we do not know.

Will there be an end?

Those still alive will survive

All others will be dead


How many will that be?

How long is the Great Wall?

Confucius is blind, yet he can see-

Life is a serious medical condition

That invariably proves fatal

Viv Head March 2020