Travellers Tales

I have been fortunate to visit many lands in recent years, not as an explorer but as an interested man. And always there is a Journal. These pages are extracts from those journals. I have sought to convey a sense of time and place and the descriptions are of the things that I have seen and experienced- sometimes along with a record of events from long ago.  It remains a work in progress- there will always be another story to tell.

Haiku Poems from Australia Drawn from eight months driving around Australia

A Tasmanian Turning Point Part of a road trip along the eastern seaboard of Australia

An Old Welsh Boat in a New Zealand Volcano Caplin at Akaroa

Kaikoura Whales An encounter with giants of the deep in New Zealand

On Chilean Straits Part of a road trip in South America

Traveling Alone A few thoughts

Tengboche Monastry High in the Himalayas

Not One Harry Head But Two Footsteps on the peninsula

Rhythm of the Sea You can’t always see it, but it is there

Night Passage from Cherbourg Crossing the English Channel at night in a yacht

Whanganui River A five day paddle in a Canadian canoe (includes photos & a video)

I Must Go Down to the Seas Again Masefield’s epic poem in words and pictures

On the Road in Black Dragon 2 A much loved camper truck in New Zealand

A Kayak on Lake Benmore, New Zealand A solo overnight wilderness paddle

Art in Australia While on the road during a nine month journey around Australia

Inside the Arctic Circle Norway by road; flight to Svalbard & an expedition ship to the ice

Coronavirus – a short poem On the 2020 worldwide pandemic

Solo Kayak & Camping Lake Alexandrina NZ Three days of solitary serenity (Video)

Stormy Lake Lyndon NZ A stormy time at Lake Lynden NZ (Video)

Svalbard Wildlife A look at some of the amazing wildlife of Spectacular Svalbard