Exploring the Coast by Degrees

Exploring the mainland coast of Britain, one island, three countries: an idle thought at first, spawned during a day out on the wonderful Gower Peninsula in West Glamorgan, South Wales, and which sprang into life to become this book.

It turned out to be the start of an enriching, sometimes personal,  5,000 mile journey around our coastline, discovering where 32 Points of the compass would land after I put my compass on the bar at Cardiff Bay Yacht Club

In other circumstances it would have been one single exploration but Covid meant it was split into three expeditions. It didn’t matter though, it was still a rewarding venture, especially as I took the opportunity to visit the Orkney Islands, a place of great beauty and some sadness as it turned out. To some extent it became a journey that took on a life of its own, as I became tangled up in the miles and the places, carried along in an ageing Ford Galaxy.

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Exploring the Coast by Degrees is a quality publication.

It includes more than 40 glossy, colour images. All taken by the author

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‘A thoroughly enjoyable read –  a journey that is as much about people as it is about places. You feel you’re sharing the journey with Viv, along with his openness, curiosity and affection for the varied coastline of our island home.’
                                            Claudia Myatt,   (Artist & Illustrator)