The New Adventure Begins


Tomorrow I will be catching the 1545 hours Arriva Trains Wales service to New Zealand, calling at Cardiff Central, Paddington, change at Heathrow for Dubai, change at Dubai for Sydney for a connecting service a little over a week later for Christchurch New Zealand and a re-acquaintance with a certain sturdy little camper-truck.

The return service will leave Christchurch towards the end of February and call at Sydney (again), Santiago, Buenos Aries, Tierra del Fuego, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula where refreshments with plenty of ice will be available. Back soon.

2 thoughts on “The New Adventure Begins

  1. Were rations restricted to bread and water for a lengthy period because you omitted to mention your obvious excitement at the prospect of re acquaintance with Betty?

  2. Rations were a liitle bit more nourishing than just bread and water (even though Christchurch water is cherished by its inhabitants). There’s always plenty of salad in the land of the long green letteuce!

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